CCTV installation, electric fence, automatic gates, security alarms Kenya

Data Elly is a supplier and installer of building access control equipment, security systems and related equipment such as CCTV, electrified security fencing, gate & door automation, intruder alarm systems, power backups, fire detection and suppression systems. Data Elly offers system design, supply and installation of all your access control and security needs.

CCTV Installation

Data Elly is one of the most technically advanced CCTV installation companies in Kenya. We install reputable brands like HIKVISION, Dahua, ProVAision, UNV, GeoVision, Anspro, Huawei, Virdi, Impro & Morpho. We also stock and install wireless CCTV cameras in Kenya for both corporate and home use. Read more about CCTV basics here: Our CCTV solution can be accessed here:

Data Elly is a Fire specialist in installation, maintenance and monitoring of Fire Alarm Systems, Fire and Smoke detectors, Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets in Kenya. Access our fire solutions here:

An intruder/Burglar alarm system is designed to detect intruder presence at your business premises or home. Upon detection, a siren is activated to scare the intruder away or discourage them from continuing with the break-in. If configured, the system can communicate an alarm signal to one of the security companies Monitoring center, from where appropriate response can be coordinated. Here is the link to our alarm systems:

We Provide Professional access control and bio metric systems installation and setups in Kenya. Our systems offer Face recognition, Fingerprints, retina scans and the Use of RFID cards. Control Who gets into your premises and what areas they can access. Access control reduces the need for people to man entrances all the time. Read more about access control here:

Electric fencing is by all means the ultimate security feature for any home or commercial property. To most home owners , it’s simply a necessity. It’s your first line of defense against burglary and home break-ins. It will protect your family and property 365 days a year by acting as a psychological barrier and a physical barrier as well. It acts as a means to alert you and the security company, of an attempted breach of your home perimeter. Electric fences are generally power efficient and you only feel a slight difference in your electricity bill. Read more on electric fencing here:


Vehicle Tracking

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Electric Fencing

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CCTV Installation

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