We Provide Professional access control and bio metric systems installation and setups in Kenya. Our systems offer Face recognition, Fingerprints, retina scans and the Use of RFID cards. Control Who gets into your premises and what areas they can access. Access control reduces the need for people to man entrances all the time. We have the technical expertise to install a tailor made remote access solution after conducting a free site visit. We install countrywide and we use some very well established brands including ZKTeco and Honeywell Security Systems.


Access control system provides security by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter your premises.
Access Control System recognizes, authenticates and authorizes entry of a person into the premises thereby giving complete protection and ensuring security within the premises.

In Biometric Access Control system, biometric authentication refers to the recognition of human beings by their physical uniqueness. This includes finger prints, Face recognition and eye (retina) scan.

Biometric Access Control system works on substantiation.  A Biometric Access Control system scans the person and matches his/her biometric data with previously stored biometric data in a database before he/she can access the secured zone or resources. If the compared information matches the stored data, the system allows the person access.Today, Biometric Access Control systems are considered to be the best and one of the most secure authentication systems.

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