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Power Backup Systems in Kenya

These are systems that provide power in the event of failure in the mains electricity or other primary power source.

They are designed to function seamlessly (automatically) and they kick in immediately there is a power loss in the mains connection.

Power Backup systems are a cost-effective, simple to set up and use solution against black outs and power fluctuations. Compared to generators, they can be installed indoors, require no fuel, have almost zero running costs and maintenance, and they work automatically.

We have successfully installed Power Backup systems in many businesses premises, homes and organisations. Our  systems have UN-equaled reliability and provide excellent services to our clients. We have a wide range of reliable brands that we have use including VICTRON, POWERBACK,  APC, MUST and POWERWARE . Our engineers are qualified to handle the most complex installation. We do offer support services and after sales support to all our cliets. In addition, we perform a free evaluation of your electricity load and installation to give you the best tailor made solution that matches your needs.


Solar Power Generation And Backup Systems

This is a backup system that draws its power from the sun. Panels charge the batteries to store power for later use. These systems are ideal for homes, schools and other organizations. With integrated batteries and advanced hybrid inverters, the system guarantees continuous power supply and seamless changeover in case of power failure.